Couple of individuals recognizes just what type of hair oil causes hair development. In the complying with short article, we look at some of the vital oils for hair care and also development.

Ashton was the best-looking guy in the entire school. Having an extraordinary skin, spectacular blue eyes, blonde hair, and a slim structure, athletic, it was difficult for all the females to maintain their hands off it! However, points altered in a couple of months. Ashton found much to his horror; his shock of blond hair had actually started thinning. Quickly he became the bald spots in noticeable and also the hair started to vanish, like the flock of pretty females. When he sought advice from Dr. Hare Ashton who was a professional in dealing with oil for hair development iridologist, that’s. This is just what Dr. Hare claimed.

First, if you have any kind of questions concerning the credibility of hair oils in hair care and hair development, let me clear that for you. It is definitely true that there are specific important oils that stimulate the hair follicles as well as consequently, increase the pattern of hair growth. So, does that mean that any kind of oil will do? Of course no. well, exactly how about coconut oil, after that? Well, yes, coconut oil is a hair care product well in the feeling that it is beneficial to keep the shine as well as overall hair wellness. Nonetheless, it is not as efficient as other unique oils “, when it pertains to hair development. So what these ‘special’ are oils? And how you can assist hair growth? We will certainly locate.

Checklist of Crucial Oils

  • Rosemary: Rosemary oil is not just helpful for hair growth, however likewise to soothe irritated skin. It raises blood circulation in the scalp advertises hair food, as well as at the same time help in the fight against dandruff. However, rosemary oil is not suggested for expectant females and for people who struggle with hypertension.
  • Lavender: Aside from being an anti-bacterial broker, lavender oil takes place to possess numerous regenerative homes that make it suitable for treating skin issues and scalp like dandruff, itching and also loss of hair. When used in combination with various other vital oils, it is expressioned to generate impressive results relative to hair growth.
  • Jojoba: Jojoba oil is most likely among one of the most prominent and also well known oils when it pertains to natural loss of hair solutions. What makes it so popular is that you could easily blend with any other oil (such as coconut oil) as well as can generate incredible outcomes for individuals struggling with hair loss due to damaged or completely dry hair. At the same time, jojoba oil meant to be a carrier oil well in which other vital oils can be mixed uses. Jojoba oil is often utilized in combination with rosemary oil in numerous hair therapy products. The resulting mix of both oils makes for a quite effective hair conditioner.
  • Basil: This is another necessary for hair therapy and hair growth oil. It is specifically helpful for individuals who have oily hair and when made use of combined with fenugreek, enhances blood circulation in the cells of hair, advertising hair development.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Thanks to its anti-viral and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is commonly made use of for the treatment of a variety of issues like the flu, bruises, injuries as well as protuberances, and also for the therapy of skin and scalp troubles. It is extremely reliable in dealing with dandruff and when used along with jojoba oil or other service provider oil, it produces an effective loss of hair solution.

Besides the aforementioned oils, a number of various other necessary oils and natural herbs that is advantageous for hair development.

  • Cedar timber
  • mint
  • chamomile
  • Clary Sage
  • lemon
  • thyme
  • burdock
  • grapefruit
  • bay
  • carrot root
  • olive
  • arnica

Most of these necessary oils are combined with service provider oil such as almond, sesame or jojoba prior to they can be used. Regardless of all these oils have countless medicinal benefits; a few of them could in some cases have particular side effects. Therefore, it is constantly a good idea to speak with a skilled tricologist prior to you begin using them.

A lot of us do not know concerning using carrot oil for hair development. In the short article goes, we collected useful details regarding it, so keep reading and use the advantages.

Carrot oil, more frequently referred to as carrot seed oil is utilized largely as a necessary oil and essence the seed from plants of carrot, Daucus carota. Its properties of crucial oils are because of the all-natural smell of earth and also wood, amber and orange that persists in time. Several pharmacologically healthy components in this carrot seed oil used in fragrances and also adding flavor to types of food. These constituents are primarily flavones 3; namely; luteolin, luteolin-4′-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside and luteolin 3′-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside. One more vital constituent that makes concerning 40 % of the oil is caratol, which actually is liquor developed in carrot seeds. There are numerous various other usages of carrot oil, besides being an important, such as a skin moisturizer and as a significant stimulant for hair growth oil. Making use of essential oils for hair growth is certainly a following resource.

Advantages of carrot seed oil for hair

Scientifically, we know that carrots are rich in vitamin E, C and antioxidants A, beta-carotene, potassium and others. Vitamins An as well as E as well as beta-carotene are foods that have wonderful conditioning homes. They moisturize the skin or scalp in the body, thus supplying a much better blood circulation and also supplying a healthier skin. Due to these essential nutrients required for hair development, the carrot seed oil is a very important in numerous hair treatment items component. Nonetheless, lots of doctors recommend that consuming fresh carrots would be more valuable for the hair, skin and eyes, that using oil seed plant carrot. Coming in the adhering to paragraphs several of using carrot oil for hair growth is indicated.

As stated above, carrot seed oil has vitamins an and also E that are useful in conditioning the skin and also scalp. When oil is made use of to massage your scalp with your fingers the oil seeps into the tree roots of the hair roots that give vitamins. Massage therapy additionally boosts blood circulation particularly areas, which activates cells as well as insufficient blood supply and nutrition to the cells. This procedure additionally enhances hair roots, which are sustained through raw chemical therapies and impacts. Loss of hair hence is protected against as well as the thickness of hair is retained. Lots of oils made use of as conditioners such as; coconut, olive, almond, castor, and so on, which can be integrated with a little proportion of carrot oil for more powerful results.

When you have long, healthy and balanced and also solid hair, you have to ensure it remains in this way. There are several exterior variables such as bad weather condition, air pollution, dirt, sunlight, chemicals, therapies, and so on, which could cause a great deal of harm to the hair, both inside as well as externally. For that reason, when you want to keep and also secure your glossy healthy and balanced hair of all these aspects, you could massage therapy the origins with carrot oil as soon as in 4 days and wash the next day. This is an additional use of the carrot oil to promote hair growth. For best results, it is recommended that the oil is warmed somewhat then massage therapy is done, since the heat opens up the pores of the hair, making it less complicated for the oil to reach the origins. Very hot carrot seed oil is definitely one of the very best essential oils for hair health.

You can utilize the above ideas carrot oil for much better hair growth. Nonetheless, if you are suffering from too much loss of hair as well as are looking for home remedies, get in touch with a wellness tricologist on your hair, it would be more suitable.

Aromatherapy oils for hair, such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, etc when blended with each other as well as massage the scalp boost growth of healthy hair. This article has to do with aromatherapy hair treatment.

Vital oils are used in aromatherapy to enhance an individual’s physical and also mental health. Aromatherapy advantages have been enjoyed by individuals in numerous means, such as massage therapies, breathing of vapors of necessary oils directly, lighting fragrant candles, and so on. But now the ever well-known aromatherapy is utilized to deal with loss issues hair, such as spots of thinning hair as well as baldness. Crucial oils removed from unique plants by purification, when put on the scalp are observed to stimulate hair roots, therefore bring about better hair development. Today, we have 10s of aromatherapy hair shampoos as well as conditioners lined available around the world. Vendors declare that these hair shampoos and also conditioners infused with aromatherapy oils nurture, equilibrium and also condition hair. Additionally, since these products for hair care are well balanced pH, which are smooth, soft and also can be utilized each day without fear of drying out the scalp.

Fundamental Aromatherapy Oils Hair Care

There are several different types of essential oils readily available out there. The expense will certainly vary according to the nation where it is eliminated and the weather conditions of the area. Some aromatherapy oils frequently utilized are presented.

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • pink
  • Jojoba oil
  • Lavender
  • Incense
  • Necessary oil carrot seed
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Geranium
  • Palmarosa
  • Bay
  • Roman chamomile
  • Lemon
  • Olive oil
  • The tea tree oil
  • Chamomile
  • Wise
  • Cedar
  • Thyme
  • Grape seed oil
  • Atlas cedar necessary oil

A mix of vital oils is made use of to massage the scalp, which nurtures the hair and also scalp and also maintain them clean. The type of created mixture relies on the kind of hair. Allow’s take a glance at the developed mixture every hair kind look.

Oily hair: A blend of basil (advertises hair growth), rosemary oil (protects against dandruff, maintains the scalp tidy) as well as ylang-ylang (advertises hair growth) is used for oily hair type. These oils must be mixed into a base oil such as sunflower oil or safflower oil then massage the scalp.

Dry Hair: The sebaceous glands bring about drying out of the scalp, which consequently causes hair damage and split ends. To counter this problem, one could give a blend of necessary oil of increased oil, carrot seed necessary as well as incense combined in a carrier oil or massage base oil: jojoba oil. This mix is much recommended for dry hair as the crucial oil of increased extract relieves the scalp, while the crucial oil of carrot nurtures. Mirra rather helps promote underactive sweat glandular.

Typical Hair: Essential oils and also germanium palmarosa aid strengthen hair and transmission amasses impact on hair. Furthermore, lavender oil assists avoid the formation of dandruff on the scalp. Thus, mixing these 3 vital oils in ideal provider oil is best for regular hair.

Aromatherapy for hair growth

You could try this combination of aromatherapy if you’re particularly looking for a mix that can be used to boost hair growth. In a little glass container take 2 drops of thyme crucial oil, 3 decreases of lavender oil, 3 declines of rosemary oil and also 2 declines of vital oil of Atlas cedar timber, and blend well. After that this combination includes 4 tablespoons grape seed oil and half a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Mix this mixture completely. Every night before bed, massage therapy your scalp with a little of this combination for three mins. Wrap your head in a warm towel and wash in the early morning. Nonetheless, if you have high blood pressure, avoid using rosemary oil.

Aromatherapy for healthy hair

Prepare a mix of essential oil of lavender and also bay essential oil, 6 drops each as well as mix in 4 ounces of provider oil such as soybean or almond oil will help boost hair health. The massage therapy of this oil correctly scalp stimulates hair follicles, boosting hair growth. After half a hr, clean your hair with hair shampoo (include 3 declines of bay oil in the shampoo).

The use of these oils for hair loss, hair growth, hair fortifying, minimizing completely dry itchy scalp, boost the condition of the scalp, dandruff control, etc. have an excellent effect. All these benefits make individuals visit the shop and get important oils.

Bright body locks include character to her elegance. This crucial assessment talks about the benefits of peppermint oil, which aids to sustain the health as well as boost of your hair … Do not neglect that the earth thrills to feel your bare feet and also the winds long to have fun with your hair.

Lots of soft curls, or luminosity of silk to the hair – hair that mirrors health, with charitable wanted, however additionally coveted by all. – Regrettably – many individuals are denied of the desire hair. Nonetheless, many want to attain and preserve a hairdo that looks great. Peppermint oil, once a treatment for digestion disorders, has actually shown effective in providing much needed food and also hair. A routine optimum hair care can be devised to accomplish long lovely hair.

Peppermint oil is a beneficial item for hair care. Exercise caution when utilizing peppermint oil should not be used straight to the hair. Oil a diluted kind is suggested for the objective of application. You could mix 2 decreases of oil with 4 ounces of water for application to the hair. You could also choose to blend avocado oil or olive oil with mint. Bear in mind: Your hair might be destroyed if the oil is utilized in concentrated form. You can pour a few decreases of this oil in the hair shampoo bottle also. 2 to 3 drops of virgin peppermint oil may be watered down with shampoo or conditioner. Use these elegance items for your hair as you usually do. Nevertheless, if your scalp feels aggravated after making use of the shampoo or conditioner, which has pepper mint oil, you can include a few decreases of water to reduce its strength.

Why utilize pepper mint oil

Right here they are several of the benefits could also be acquired with the use of peppermint oil in a watered down type.

  • This oil supplies a cooling impact on the scalp.
  • Battle dandruff as well as louse.
  • Given that the oil stabilizes the pH, it can be used to deal with completely dry scalp. Dandruff is mainly related to dry scalp, causing a scaly surface area it deteriorates scalp. The dryness is experienced by your scalp, with itching as a side dish; it is with the use of peppermint oil, known to balance the pH.
  • This oil has a light odor, so that your hair ends up being aromatic revitalizing.
  • Pepper mint oil has shown its power for hair growth. It promotes the hair follicle, to make sure that promotes hair growth.
  • A useful therapy for hair loss, this oil is really reliable considering that it unifies the hair origins and enhances blood circulation.
  • This wonder oil can be blended with jojoba oil and also glycerin. This blend is recognized to advertise hair development.
  • Another mixture which is beneficial for the hair can be prepared by blending peppermint oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil
  • It is specifically useful for people who have oily hair, as a scalp massage with pepper mint oil leaves the scalp sensation gloomy zical. This oil works as an astringent, it assists in systematizing the production of oil from the scalp, hence creating a reducing the effects of effect on the scalp.
  • Pepper mint oil is known to work as a conditioner, adding luster to the hair.

A few other benefits

Not just peppermint oil advertises hair growth; it is used for various other objectives also. It aids make your skin glowing and healthy and balanced. This is done by menthol present in the oil. This helps in controlling the excess oil manufacturing, which could be made use of as a treatment for oily skin. Boring skin, and also comforts exhausted skin glows. Pepper mint oil is just one of the cornerstones made use of in lip balms and also various other cosmetics. A lip balm which contains extracts of pepper mint oil nurtures lips making them versatile and soft. Not remarkably, it is also a beneficial solution for sunburn, chapped lips. This oil is recognized to alleviate physical body pains, taken into consideration a powerful cure for headache. The oil functions as a depressant as well as is used in the treatment of cranky bowel disorder. It is recognized to relieve heartburn as well as tummy pain. Rub this oil on the chest will help battle coughs, bronchial asthma as well as nasal blockage. Peppermint oil is one of the components existing in dental care items such as mouth wash and also tooth paste.

Peppermint oil serves as an all-natural option, leaving no reason to anxiety about your hair. Therefore, it is used efficiently to bring back and sustain healthy and balanced hair, to make sure that you could show off thick and solid hair. Prepare for envious appearances, in addition to the winds … would certainly like the love of your hair!

PS – Do not limit this information to yourself. ¿ Get the word out, for individuals that long have healthy and balanced hair.

Recently I was in a labor and delivery unit of a hospital in my hometown. Thankfully, this time I was just a visitor. Last time I had been in the maternity ward was just nine months ago when I gave birth to my youngest son, Asher. I look pretty different now; I stand much taller. You see, I had postpartum depression. Now, my emotional balance is much more stable, and I’m actually smiling (I didn’t smile much as a patient there).

As I walked in to greet my friend and meet the new bundle of “joy,” I pushed the hard, cold steel doors and immediately heard the familiar buzzing and smelled the hospital anti-bacterial smell. As I knocked on my friend’s door, I was greeted with the scent of flowers. The flowers and balloons reminded me of my times in the hospital. That recognizable scent took me back to my own babies and their birth stories.

On the drive home, I reminisced about my sons’ births. It’s too bad that my babies’ birth stories are always plagued with my own memories of the postpartum depression that inevitably followed. I had my first son, Dylan, at the eager age of 27. Looking back, I realize that ignorance really is bliss, and recognize just how little I knew then about the sacrifice that motherhood entails. To say that my husband and I were blindsided would be the understatement of the century. We walked into the hospital excited to start our new life with our new “accessory” or “playmate” of sorts, and we walked out of the hospital petrified, sleepless and begging our mothers to allow us (and our offspring) back into their homes.

Looking back, Dylan was a sweet and relatively easy baby. At the time, however, I thought he had every type of reflux, colic and new baby syndrome that I could find on WebMD. I was a fish out of water and anything and everything that Dylan did scared and alienated me. Thank goodness my own mother has an infinite amount of patience. I must have called her name and asked her the same questions thousands of times. I was sure I was doing something wrong. With each day I felt more hopeless and distant from my previous life. I remember waking up to Dylan’s little “kitten like noises.” He was not a big crier (thank goodness for that). As he made his hunger noises, I slowly dragged myself out of bed. I had every intention of brushing my teeth and hair and starting the day on the right foot, but one look at myself in the mirror, and I was horrified. My eyes were puffy from lack of sleep and from crying, and my hair was a total mess from falling asleep on a wet head of uncombed hair. I had one earring in and the other must have fallen off somewhere along the way. I was wearing one of three t-shirts that I wore during this postpartum period. Ironically, it was a faded and loose “Life is Good” t-shirt. Looking at the words “Life is Good” on my t-shirt was like a daily reminder (or guilt trip, depending on the state of mind). My mom and sisters used to joke that the “Life is Good” t-shirts and an old pair of George Washington University sweatpants were my uniform. The sight of myself in the mirror threatened my already fragile state.

I had never been overly self-conscious or vain, but I’ve always taken care of myself. Whether it was going to the gym or a quick stop at the mall for window shopping, I took pride in my appearance. Now, I was failing at the “Life is Good” part. Despite my feelings of sadness, I adored my son. Unlike some women struggling with postpartum mood disorders, I made sure Dylan was my first priority. But I struggled with the feeling that the shoes I had to fill were too big and that the show would have to go on without me. I depended wholly on my mom and became a shadow of my former self.

Days became weeks, and weeks became months. My mother finally looked at me, in my “Life is Good” t-shirt and sweats, and said it was time to see a professional and figure out why I felt so out of sync. I began to see a psychiatrist who promised that I was still me, and that I was just experiencing postpartum depression. He asked me to trust him, and he prescribed an antidepressant for me to “try.” He said I did not need to sign a contract or promise to love and always take the antidepressant, but he did think I should give it a try. I think back to the visit now, and I know I looked desperate and sad. I had my “Life is Good” t-shirt and some black yoga pants. (I justified wearing the shirt because at least I now had on nicer pants!) The minimal effort on my outside appearance was nothing compared to the sluggish and distant feelings and thoughts that filled my head. I kept wondering why I felt that everything was falling apart?

This story does actually have a happy ending. I got through this sad and helpless phase, and I went on to enjoy my son. My doctor was right, and the combination of the therapy and anti-depressant was successful in “gluing me” back together. With time, not only did I connect with Dylan, but I absolutely loved my baby (he is now almost six years old). The postpartum — as bad as it was — did not mean that Dylan was destined to be an only child. As a matter of fact, I went on and had two more wonderful boys. The hormonal changes were never easy for me, and the sleepless nights and new demands were taxing. But I found my rhythm (sort of) and learned what works and what doesn’t work for me. One thing is for sure, that being comfortable and wearing my old, wrinkled “Life is Good” t-shirts are no longer a tribute to my failed attempt to get dressed. I actually do feel that life is good (mostly when the boys are well-behaved). I look at my friend and her new baby girl and wish I could warn her of the highs and lows, and why each phase is, in fact, worthy of the next. In the same vein, I look at myself, my husband and our three boys, and I know that my question has been answered: Things do fall apart, but what we rebuild is always stronger than what we had before.


I have learned a lot as a mother to three boys. Among these lessons are that perfume bottle caps are the perfect ball for my three-year-old to throw at my five-year-old, who is using my Louis Vuitton purse as a racquet. My beautifully organized closet quickly becomes a boxing ring or a soccer goal, and my hangers act as hockey sticks. In the midst of the screaming and the flying objects, I manage to get dressed and wash my face. I look at myself in the mirror and thank my lucky stars that my short blonde hair doesn’t need gel or mousse. As a matter of fact, I’m thankful my hair doesn’t require any attention at all.

Short hair for a busy mom is a blessing. I’m not talking super short and ultra-chic. I love that look — Halle Berry‘s perfectly mussed ‘do comes to mind — but I’m talking about an easy hairdo that only requires my hands and a rearview mirror. I’m can’t afford to waste too much time on styling or primping. People often say they “would like to be brave enough to cut their hair like mine.” I wouldn’t necessarily call myself brave, but I will take their compliment and run.

How did I have the courage to go short? It was the summer of 1994, and my cousin (and best friend) Irina and I were off to another sleep-away camp adventure. She and I spent most summers away from our families on various adventures. This particular season our parents had agreed on a summer school-ish camp in Connecticut. We bid our parents farewell and, much to our dismay, sat down in a classroom and started school. (This was not your typical tent-and-kumbaya experience). One of the extracurricular trips offered was a day trip to New York City. We couldn’t wait to get off campus, so both Irina and I signed up and boarded the bus. I was 15 and trying as hard as I could to be cool, stylish and independent. I remember wearing jean overalls (what was I thinking?!?) and having my hair pulled back in a banana clip (it was too hot for long hair).

In a bold move to declare myself a risk-taker and a free thinker, I found myself at a corner beauty salon which welcomed walk-ins. At the time, I had long, blonde straight hair. I sat with a random stylist who had a seat open and asked that he cut my hair. I vividly recall telling him I wanted a new look. I insisted he “cut my hair short.” Maybe it was the energy from the city or the summer heat that got to me, but I walked out of the salon with a very short hairdo. He cut off at least five inches. I know I felt gutsy and brave though I don’t remember if I loved the cut. I did, however, love seeing everyone’s reaction to my new look. I was proud and very pleased to not have to blowdry or style my hair in a hot dorm room.

Seventeen years later, I still have a slightly different style of that same summer haircut. I now live in Florida, where heat and humidity are constantly at war with any attempt at a beauty routine. My hectic household doesn’t afford me much time to blowout my locks, so the impulsive “chop it off” haircut serves my purposes just fine.

Hubert de Givenchy was once quoted in an interview in Vogue saying: “Hairstyle is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.” I couldn’t agree more. What may have been considered a rash decision to cut my hair is one that still speaks directly to my pragmatic persona and active lifestyle. I’m content (and have no choice) but to only spend a total of 35 minutes a week on my hair. My days seem too short as is, and the quality time I have with my family is too frenzied and chaotic to allow anything more than using my baby boy’s Johnson & Johnson shampoo. No need for conditioner or any special products. I’m halfway out the door and in the car before I drag my fingers through my hair. The kids know the routine: The windows are down to blowdry and style mommy’s hair.

Click through the gallery to see my hair over the years. It goes from short to shorter, but you’ll never see me with long hair again.


Each and every single time I go into my bathroom and closet area, whether it’s time to get dressed, wash my hands or (heaven forbid) actually use the bathroom (alone!!), it’s not long before I am surrounded by one, two or all three of my boys (naturally, my black lab follows them, too). They have a way of knowing when I want privacy. I often brush my teeth and threaten my kids at the same time. I ask that they stop fighting and/or practicing karate on each other. You’d think I (or they) would give up by now. But no, not at all. They love to open my drawers, rummage through my belongings (not all appropriate for my young children), and lastly, they love to sample, spray and touch my perfumes. Everybody who knows me knows that I believe you can never have too many black bags, shoes, dresses or perfumes. I often (actually always), finish a quick shopping trip by sampling and sometimes purchasing a new scent. Bottom line: I have a lot of perfumes and therefore my boys have a lot of material to work with in the bathroom.

One night recently, as I was drying off after a shower and getting ready for bed, my middle son handed me “the round nice perfume.” (Cacharel’s Noa perfume.) Ironically enough, my middle son’s name is Noah. He handed me the perfume and insisted I put “the bedtime perfume“ on. I was impressed. Out of the 20 perfume bottles that sit on my vanity, Noah picked the one I always, without fail, put on before bed. The scent is light, airy and soft. Putting on perfume before bed reminds me of my own mom’s bedtime rituals and my childhood good-night kisses. Ironically, I had recently switched my night perfume. I guess Noah was asking me to stick with the old and ditch the new.

The fact that Noah paid close attention to my choice in perfume was surprising, but what really got me thinking about the significance of fragrances was an equally surprising comment my oldest son made. I was tucking him into bed before heading out to an adults-only birthday event. As I kissed and hugged him, he asked that I hug him a bit longer and tighter. He said, “So your pretty smell stays on my pillow. I’ll think about you when I fall asleep.” Come to find out, Dylan used the term “pretty smell” for the perfume I use when I have makeup on (which is rare), and have taken the time to brush my hair (maybe twice a year!). It’s funny that he knows that when I get dressed and go out at night I like more musky scents and usually use Cartier’s Baiser Volé perfume.

The two comments my sons made got me thinking about scents and the awesome ability a perfume has to take you back — sometimes five or ten years — right back to an exact spot and time in your life. A fragrance alone can put me under the chuppah, as a nervous and eager 25-year-old about to marry my husband. Likewise, the Chance Eau Fraiche for Women by Chanel can take me to the beautiful beaches of Barcelona, where my siblings, parents and I spent some wonderful summertime trips.

When I look now at my vanity and see the many (too many, if you ask my husband) perfume bottles, I can’t help but wonder if this collection really is a photo book of sorts? I often get upset when I grab a perfume that I swear I just bought, only to find the smell has faded and the liquid color has gotten yellow. Then, I smile and remember the time and place I last used the perfume. It was, in fact, a long (more than I would like to admit) time ago. The personal scents we use not only leave temporary aromas on our clothing and seat belts, but they leave a lasting, if not almost eternal, mental picture and memory. I guess that’s part of the magical quality of perfumes — both new and old. They represent time periods and places. If we do collect them, like we do memories, I guess I’m on the right track — you can never have too many. I’m not ready to chuck my digital camera or close my Shutterfly account just yet. I am satisfied, however, knowing that we can make and keep our very own memories. One more good reason to sample and perhaps buy that new fragrance.


This year, more than any other year, I woke up starving. I was fasting. The smell of my kids‘ bagels in the toaster forced me to stay in my room and linger in bed just a bit longer (I don’t do well with temptation). You see, I don’t fast on a regular basis. But, I am Jewish and my family and I observe the holiday of Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement. Jewish people traditionally observe this holy day with a 25-hour period of fasting and prayer. This is the holiest of holidays and we make the obligatory visit to the temple. It’s ironic (or actually sad) that the Temple is normally less-than-full. However, on Yom Kippur, the sanctuary is standing room only. By the looks of the overflowing parking lot, most of us would do Billy Joel proud as we have chosen to “laugh with the sinners rather than cry with the saints.

As I got dressed and applied a little makeup, I cursed the headache that was taking over. Apparently, my head (and energy level) missed my morning cup of coffee. However, fear, tradition and a guilty conscience reminded me that fasting (and repenting) was not a choice. I grew up in a traditional Jewish home. My own (always stylish) mother always led the way by example. A simple, classic black or beige St.John suit was as “flashy” as my mom got on this holy day. This holiday was about repentance, she often reminded me. No need for too much makeup, or a fussy dress. I often looked at the Jewish women who had chosen not to fast, or not to participate in prayer. I did not recognize many of the faces, and wondered if they were new to the community? Draped in their fanciest frocks, which often included a large and elaborate hat-and-purse combo, a fashion show of sorts often took place in the sanctuary. I remembered my mom’s elegant and appropriate style, and got dressed in a loose-fitting black Tahari dress. No belt or ruffles, just a plain dress.

As I walked out my front door, my friend-slash-confidant-slash-keeper of secrets, the UPS man, bumped right into me. I could not resist the urge to open the box right away, and boy, was I glad I did. The box contained a highly anticipated pair of black patent leather peep-toe Prada pumps. It would be a sin not to wear my new shoes! I put them on right away. I thought about my mom’s flat sandals. She often reminded me that this holiday required a lot of repeated sitting and standing. Never mind, I thought. I can still wear these new shoes. Like I said, I’m not great with temptation.

This year, my husband and I were given an honor, and we needed to be standing on the bimah at 11 a.m. sharp (the bimah is a pedestal located in the front and center of the temple). As I jumped out of my car and started to walk, I realized that these new pumps were extremely tall and dare I say — uncomfortable. My legs shook and my toes started to ache. I was already regretting more than just my sins; how would I sit and stand all day in temple? How would I ever walk in front of the entire congregation without falling? I barely made it inside the temple before my name was called out, and my husband and I walked to the bimah to read from the Torah. Not only was my walk up to the front of the temple painful and scary, but my time standing on the bimah was even more difficult. As I read the passages, all I could think about were my shoes. I was in pain and hoped nobody could tell.

Thankfully, I did make it back to my seat without falling. Throughout the rest of the service I complained (internally) and wondered: Should I sit down and rest my feet, or take my shoes off and remain barefoot? I did neither, and opted instead to suck it up and deal with this ridiculous situation. I mentally chastised myself and wondered if perhaps this same shoe existed with a lower heel, or if my new shoes were even refundable? Of course, this question led me to do a quick search on my iPhone. (Don’t worry: The sound was off and the entire search lasted no more than five minutes). It wasn’t long after my Google search that we were back in the car on the way home. I couldn’t help but to feel badly about the morning’s service. Yes, I had fasted, and I had attended the Yom Kippur service. However, while I had been physically present, my mind and thoughts were not where they needed to be. I obviously had more in common with the fancy-frock females than I wanted to admit.

I used my time in temple to worry, complain and Google my style choices and quandaries. I am ashamed of this, and wrote this post as a confession (I know, it’s a little late). This whole Yom Kippur/shoe episode got me thinking about a bumper sticker I recently saw. It read, “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do.” Prior to this Yom Kippur, I had not understood the elaborate hats or makeup. Now I get it: We have to each make a conscious effort to be present and honest with ourselves. I knew where I needed to be, and was not it. So, I apologize now for the sins of last year, and promise to do an extra good deed (or two) to make up for style sins.


It’s midnight the night before we are taking our three young boys, ages five, three and ten months to Orlando. I should be in bed. Instead, I’m standing in my closet, staring at my empty Tumi suitcase. I was supposed to be packing, but somehow my mind wandered and I am thinking about how I can get out of going on this trip. I know I sound ungrateful (please don’t judge me for it). Traveling is a luxury and I am usually a happy-ish traveler. But, the whole Disney World itinerary in 90 degree heat and 100 percent humidity with three young children does not excite me. I catch a glimpse of the duffle bags, backpacks and lunchboxes my two older children have packed and I smile. Their good efforts do not go unnoticed. They have each selected three or four pairs of shoes, approximately nine or ten bathing suits and a few pairs of underpants. The rest of the stuff is just a huge mess: Legos, Hot Wheels, books and nerf guns. I’m secretly envious of how easy it is to be young and carefree. The boys know they will be swimming and playing. That’s all they care about, and that’s all they pack for. I shuffle back to my closet and throw in the most casual, lightweight clothing I can find. My vacation wardrobe is limited to capri pants, bathing suits, tank tops, shorts and sandals. I get in bed and don’t allow myself to have any anxiety-provoking thoughts. I remind myself that Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on earth.

Upon arrival at Disney World we are greeted by (a very loud) Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. (Can anyone even understand Donald Duck?) Too bad my oldest son is petrified of dressed-up characters. We decline the photo opportunity and head straight to the lobby. Immediately, I am struck by the energy and movement in the lobby. There’s a din of various languages, and many scents waft about (not all pleasant). The visitors are excited and their eagerness to check in and get to the park of their choice is almost contagious. Many are dressed in head-to-toe Disney gear. I can appreciate a child who loves a character and wants to dress accordingly, but what I will never understand is the adult couple who is dressed in matching Disney attire. Never mind that they are here alone, sans children! I nod and give a friendly smile to a lady who wears a large pin on her shirt. The pin reads, “It’s my first time at Disney World, and it’s my birthday.” She is proud of her button and her Minnie Mouse headband. Her male friend is also pleased — he clicks away and takes one picture after another of the birthday girl in all her glory. I am pulled away from the scene, as my middle and youngest son want Winnie the Pooh’s autograph. (Ironically enough, my boys will not get near Pooh or Tigger. Instead, I have to stand in line, ask for the autograph and hug the furry friends).

We are finally in the Magic Kingdom, and before we even get our hands stamped or sunscreen on, my boys are begging for a popsicle and a balloon. I remember how magical this kingdom was for me, and I smile and get in yet another long, hot line. The boys stare in awe at the many people, characters and nearby attractions. They can’t wait to get a map and to walk all over the park. (This is highly unlikely, as they refused to rent a stroller for the day.) As the heat index rises, I retire to the shade with my sleeping 10-month-old baby. I love to people watch and can’t think of a better place to do so. Many women, of all ages and sizes, have used the heat as the perfect excuse to dress as scantily as possible. T-shirts and tank tops are tucked, folded and knotted in more creative ways than I have ever seen. I am equally as intrigued by the sheer amount of tattoos. Every language, design and color is on display. Bikini tops and bottoms are the uniform of choice, and I suddenly feel very overdressed in my Banana Republic tank-and-shorts combo. I watch as whole families play in the water attractions. Kids, mostly barefoot, are happily running and splashing around. As long as my son isn’t woken up, I am happy to quietly watch and play along. The shrunken tie-dye shirt and neon pink visor on grown women (and the Chipmunks’ grating voices), all seem to go away and blend in to the bigger scene.

In that moment, I realize just what people mean when they say “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Maybe Disney World actually is a magical place, not for the attractions and the entertainment, and certainly not for the fashion and style on display. Maybe, just maybe, days at Disney take on a magical quality because of the carefree attitude we must embrace when there. Lines, heat, unpleasant odors and even grown women in princess attire can’t spoil the real treat. Disney World is the perfect excuse many of us need to engage in behaviors that might otherwise be seen as childish or inappropriate. Now, you won’t ever see us in matching Disney World hats and t-shirts. I’ve realized that going to the Disney parks is not about judging others. Rather, it’s about having your own agenda, and enjoying the moments you and your family create and letting all style rules fall to the wayside while you enjoy the rides.


Just like that, seven years have passed. In the blink of an eye, my husband, Jason, and I got married, bought a house and had three kids (and a dog). I catch myself looking at the boys and feeling shock and admiration. (When they are misbehaving, I’m shocked that I haven’t lost my mind, yet.) I can’t help but wonder how we — two young, in-love and slightly irresponsible kids — were able to get married and create this family.

Our romantic love affair began in eighth grade (actually, it was a little romance and a lot of awkwardness). Through high school, college, breakups and makeups; not to mention different states and careers, we find ourselves right back in our hometown in Florida, where it all began. Today, on our seven-year anniversary, I sit back and wonder how best to celebrate our marriage.

I’m lucky to have married a man as laidback as Jason. He is almost always in a good mood (unlike me), and he is easy to get along with. Neither he nor I are big on romance. Homecoming in tenth grade was celebrated with a quick dinner at Taco Bell. We didn’t want the whole corsage and overly posed pictures routine, and we certainly didn’t want a long (and boring) four-course meal (especially dressed up as we were). At our wedding, we decided to forgo the traditional romantic lovey-dovey feel. We wanted the night to be a big celebration: lots of dancing, drinking and eating. We skipped right over the first dance and just as easily did away with all traditional wedding day details. Rest assured, I did get my big white wedding dress and a beautiful long veil. Our honeymoon was a quick trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina to visit my extended family. There were no rose petals or champagne upon arrival, which was fine by me because before check-in was even complete, I had kissed Jason good bye and was already shopping — and taking full advantage of the exchange rate. No need to feel badly for Jason. He too enjoys his independence and was happy enough to lounge around the hotel room and watch Argentine soccer on TV.

So, today on our seventh anniversary, I know I’d like to do something special for Jason, but I am out of good ideas. My friends joke that he and I both always wait until last minute, and they are right. Then again, it wouldn’t be our style to plan an elaborate dinner and romantic walk. In the past, we have always given each other gift certificates. He knows I have a weak spot for designer handbags and shoes, and I love a guilt-free shopping spree at Saks. Likewise, he is happy to buy a new suit or a watch—as long as he can purchase them with a gift card. So we have often exchanged gift cards to our favorite stores. Very unromantic, yes, but very practical.

I decided this year that I would try to do something different (I warned him that I was upping the ante). I spent some time at the computer, googling “perfect anniversary gifts for husband.” I was shocked to see so many references to traditional gifts. Who knew that to celebrate 15 years together one should expect crystal? Even silver, wood, lace and pearls have spots on the list. Thankfully, Jason knows I am not a traditional girl. I love a sentimental note (attached to my flowers), but I really don’t have any use for a wooden tree plaque, and on our 25th anniversary, you’d better believe that I will expect something much nicer than a silver windchime. Don’t get me wrong, I know anniversaries are not about the material gift exchange. But, in celebration of our years together, we also must stay true to ourselves and each other. Part of what makes our marriage work is how well we know each other. I’m happy to buy him a Dunkin Donuts gift certificate (not Starbucks)—because his morning drive includes a pit stop at Dunkin. He knows I am a picky eater. A romantic dinner at a classy restaurant, offering intricate French cuisine is not high on my list. Case in point: My 31st birthday plans resulted in a cancelled reservation and a comfy meal at Chipotle.

So today, I’m proud to say that our anniversary gifts were just perfect. The real gift, for us, is realizing just how well we know each other. I received two cards. Both written upside down and one that read “Happy Birthday Mommy.” Jason had taken the time to take our three boys to Hallmark and have them pick out special cards for me. He had them draw, scribble, and half-spell whatever they wanted. My middle son dictated a long, comical note to Jason. Along with the cards was a perfect small box which contained an emerald ring I had been admiring (there’s nothing like having your jeweler as your spy, friend and confidant). Jason had connected with the jeweler and asked what it was that I had been pining over lately. And, although Jason said he didn’t need or want to spend money on yet another watch, I know all too well that he can never turn down a nice timepiece. As we exchanged gifts — me, in my running clothes, and Jason in his after-work apparel — we both smiled and put on our new gifts right away. We are both impulsive too, and love instant gratification. We thanked each other, but quickly became part of a family chant. The boys wanted to celebrate with us and what better way to honor seven years of marriage than to sing, dance, and wrestle to … the Happy Birthday song?