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My Story

Thanks for dropping by.

I was given the proper name of Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizy.

I am the proud mother of three boys, Dylan, Noah and Asher. You may have found me through my blog on the Huffington Post  Style and wondered, Why According to DNA?

Well, if you are a mother, especially with three boys, you will understand that everything in my life now a days is run according to my boys, Dylan, Noah and Asher. This site is my outlet to share my stories of life as a mother of three boys with a practical yet style conscious and sarcastic vantage point.

I met my husband while in high school, and after moving away for college and graduate school, we returned to our hometown of Ft. Myers, Florida. Just like that, seven years have passed. In the blink of an eye, my husband, Jason, and I got married, bought a house and had three boys (and a dog).

As you read my blog and spend time on my site, you will find that my favorite things to do are run, shop, play with my kids and spend time with my family.

I love style, fashion and shopping, which is why I must be paying for sins of a previous life be being honored with three boys and not a girl to share in my favorite activities.

On my site, please feel free to browse my blog posts (Musings), reviews (Lizy Reviews) and be sure to ask me a question (Ask Lizy). If you are interested in advertising on my site, personal shopping services, booking me for an event or just saying hello, please be sure to Contact Me!

However, I can’t promise I will get back to you right away- I do have three boys you know :)